Sacred Legends to Hit iOS and Android this Summer

The acclaimed fantasy role playing franchise Sacred is about to advance onto mobile with Sacred Legends. The new RPG will bring addictive PvE and PvP battles to smartphones and tablets.

Chimera Entertainment and Deep Silver FISHLABS announced their first joints project which is exclusively developed for mobile devices and will go live on iOS and Android stores in the summer of 2016.

The captivating story of Sacred Legends unfolds in the demon-plagued kingdom of Ancaria. Focuses on hero development, loot collection and fierce battles against monsters, creatures and other deadly enemies, the game allows players to undertake various activities in the roles of warriors, archers or seraphim, to save an ill-fated kingdom from the onslaught of unrelenting Demon Lords.

Other features of the game include interesting story mode, battle mode. Mobile gamers who are true fans of RPG will be waiting in anticipation for this coming release.

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