Steam Sale – May 16th 2016

Steam Sale Writer's Picks

Well, good day to you my fine friends. Here’s hoping that the tumultuous weather wherever you are in the world isn’t getting you down too much. To keep you occupied on those rainy/tornadoey days, Steam have plenty of titles on offer this week.

There are plenty of big titles to choose from. For those of you after an RPG stellar storyline, Final Fantasy X is 20% off. It’s the collection, so FFX2 is also included in the package, but that’s only for the players who really need more Spira in their life.  FFX is set in an enthralling universe, where the protagonist comes from what feels like the future but should be the past. Where there used to be skyscrapers and flashing lights, the world has reverted back to magic and religion, and someone isn’t happy about the way things are being done. The characters are wonderfully rounded and interesting, if you can get past the choppy dialogue (it was Final Fantasy’s first game to have a full cast with spoken dialogue, so give it some points for ambition), and I implore you to play it. The story is captivating from start to finish, and the gameplay and level up system will really test your strategy. Plus it makes me cry. Any game that can do that is a winner. I’m a sucker for emotion.

For those of you who love shooters, ARMA 2 and 3 are reduced in price this week. ARMA boasts realism like nothing else (sorry CoD, but no), and will take you right into the heart of modern war, challenging you to think tactically and defensively as well as pointing your guns and shooting. It’s as true to a simulation of real warfare, featuring real-time strategies and an array of real weapons and vehicles to explore. ARMA 2 a cult favourite, spawning the infamous DayZ mod, and has 80% off, but if you’d rather go for a more recent title, ARMA 3 is 50% off.

More of a racer/mad person? All of the FlatOut games are 80% off, including a package deal in which you can get all of the titles. FlatOut is the game that caused a usually stoic friend to cry with laughter and claim “it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen!” in front of my mother-in-law, so it comes recommended by me, for sure. Hours can be wasted by launching your charismatic driver through the windscreen of a muscle car in jut the right way as to hit a bullseye on a twenty foot dartboard. Oh, and you can race too. The controls are great, and it’s definitely one to pick up any time and enjoy.

For those drivers after more realism, Euro Truck Simulator is 60% off. Drive away the hours living your secret ambition of being on the open road, weaving through the countrysides of Europe and getting stuck on roundabouts. It looks beautiful, and is wonderfully made. You’ll find yourself taking it almost too seriously, and begging your partner/family/friends/housemates to leave, so you can play it in peace. The sound design is a dream come true. Nothing beats climbing into the cab and shutting the door to the outside world. My favourite part of Euro Truck Simulator 2 is navigating around the ferry port of Dover. I love this simulator.

If you are after an open world title, there are loads on offer this week. Have a look at the tag and do a bit of exploring to find something you might like. As for me, I’m going to be behind the wheel all week. It might be getting cargo across the continent, and it might be trying to beat my personal best at ejector seat high jump. Enjoy your week, gamers!