Steam Sale – May 31st 2016

100 selling games

We are in the last week of May already, and I’m not sure how it’s happened. Time moves way too fast when you’re enjoying all the great deals on Steam….. They should employ me onto their marketing team, really.

Guns of Icarus is an online strategic shooter, and is something truly spectacular and imaginative. It’s a great indie title, which is addictive and gripping. It’s set in a steampunk style world, which has suffered hundreds of years of war, and lacking resources. Airship battles are fought over these resources, and it’s up to you and your team to destroy your enemy. Your team makes up the crew, with customisable features available for your ship. One person is captain, and a mic is almost essential to have in your setup in order to communicate effectively, and ultimately win. I think it’s a great price on any other day, but this week, Guns of Icarus is a third of its usual price.

Now for something completely different. Sophie’s Curse is a survival horror featuring a classic terrifying little girl ghost. It would make me a very unhappy person if I played it, but I know that some people relish the fear. It’s a typical set up: creepy house, puzzles to solve in order to keep the lights on, atmospheric sound and no way out. If it’s your sort of thing, grab Sophie’s Curse, which has 20% off.

Named time and again as one of the best games of 2011 hands down, and winner of tonnes of gaming awards, Bastion has 75% off this week. Bastion is a story-driven role-playing action adventure. It has a colourful cartoon hand-painted art style, which is frankly ageless, and will be forever more. That’s just the immediate reaction. The story is captivating, and is filled out by a narrator, who reacts to the story depending on the way you play. The music is really wonderful, and adds so much to this real work of art. It’s so cheap this week, that I actually can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t buy it. So buy it.

Special mention this week goes to Dino D-Day. I’m afraid it’s dinosaurs again, but this time we are heading to World War II to fight on either side – it’s your choice – and utilising dinosaurs in battle. That is, strapping guns to them and taking them to the front line. It’s 90% off, and it’s what I will be enjoying this week.

Stay safe, and play lots!