Steam Sale – May 4th 2016

Steam Sale Writer's Picks

May the Fourth be with you! I’ve never had an opportunity to use this phrase with good reason, but today I do. Steam have up to 77% off Star Wars titles today only, so get on it. The full Star Wars Collection package is down to only $22.99 (£17.47), from £75.99. That’s pretty huge.

Feel free to roll around like Scrooge McDuck in your abundant collection of Star Wars titles, that you can get for literal cents. Whether you are a flyer (X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter), a fighter (Battlefront II), a strategist (Empire at War), a role-player (Knights of the Old Republic), or a Lego fan, it’s all discounted today.

As for the rest of the week, the brilliant, but infuriating Octodad is down by 80% to $2.99 (£2.39), Risen – gothic fantasy RPG – and its successors are down 75%, Zombie Driver HD is on for only $1.99 (£1.39), and that one looks like if Dead Nation and Carmageddon had a baby.

To celebrate the Dawn of War III trailer release, Dawn of War II add-ons are discounted, so check them out if you have been meaning to but not got round to it, or if you have that one buddy that hasn’t been seduced by the fun yet, it makes a good gift at a reasonable price.

Punishing survival online multiplayer Hurtworld is discounted to $14.99 (£11.39). This early access title is along the same lines as games like Rust and Ark, but with more of a colourful, almost cartoon art style (think Firewatch).

The games I will be checking out personally are Kaiju Panic and OH! RPG! Just in case you were curious.

Also, never forget that Bad Rats is basically free.