Superhot VR will be developed exclusively for the Oculus Rift “…for now”

Superhot Team, the developers of the first-person-shooter video game Superhot, have announced that the game’s virtual reality will be developed exclusively for the Oculus Rift.

The game which follows traditional first-person shooter gameplay mechanics, with the player attempting to take out enemy targets using guns and other weapons works with time within the game only progressing at a real time pace when the player moves; this creates the opportunity for the player to assess their situation and respond appropriately, making the gameplay similar to strategy-based games.


A lot of game fans are airing concerns about this new development. Although it says “for now”, fans are arguing against the monopoly that seems to be created. A lot of people feel that VR is new and is only becoming know because smartphones are helping to push down the cost and size of certain components. Wouldn’t limit content to only Oculus Rift before they (i.e Oculus) put out their first truly must-own game not look bad for business? And wouldn’t it be bad for anyone?


We can only sit and watch how it affects the gaming world. Do you thing this will improve VR technology and boost the game’s reputation or do you see a negative impact on Superhot?

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