This month's 'loot drop' for season pass holders in The Division has arrived


Please report to the rewards vendor as the back of the Post Office before leaving to complete your missions this morning, your season pass loot drop has arrived and awaits your collection.

Thank you


The core of the Season Pass will be 3 major expansions released over the course of the year. Each expansion builds on The Division, continuing your agent’s journey with new content, gear and gameplay as you fight to take back New York:

  • Expansion I: Underground
  • Expansion II: Survival
  • Expansion III: Last Stand

Plus on March 8, Season Pass owners will unlock the exclusive Sawed-off Shotgun, a unique sidearm customized for short-range destruction. Season Pass owners also receive a set of exclusive outfits and weapon skins, as well as access to special monthly benefits including exclusive content drops and special events.