Valve’s The Lab – Xortex: The Potential of VR Realized

Happy Zapping

Well, check this video out! The video above shows the absolutely mental action of playing Xortex by Valve, a part of “The Lab” which is available for free through Steam when you purchase the HTC Vive. This video is a wonderful demonstration of how the potential of VR Gaming is being realized as we speak, and it can only really grow from strength to strength.

The YouTube channel is “Unit Lost – Great British Gaming” and can be found through this lovely link right here! I thoroughly recommend checking them out for their other videos!

HTC Vive is available now for the following prices:

  • £689.00 UK (inc Tax)
  • €899 Europe (inc Tax)
  • $899US Australia (inc Tax)
  • $799 US (not inc Tax)
  • $1,149 Canada (not inc Tax)