Weekly Destiny Reset Info – 5/24/16

Here is all the information you need to complete this weeks Activities in Destiny. 

First off we have the Prison of Elders Challenge Mode (Recommended Light Level 320), which the bosses are:


  • Noru’usk, Servant of Oryx (Light Level 310) with Cabal Add-ons
  • Pilot Servitor (Light Level 320) with Fallen Add-ons
  • Sylok, the Defiled (Light Level 330) with Hive Add-ons

The modifiers are:

Activity Skulls

  • Airborne (Players deal more damage while in the air.)
  • Exposure (Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish.)

Activity Bonus

  • Grenade Kill Bonus (Grenade kills are worth more points.)

Next is the Weekly Nightfall, which is the Blighted Chalice strike and has the following active skulls on:

  • Grounded (Players take more damage while airborne.)
  • Solar Burn (Solar Damage from any source is greatly increased.)
  • Brawler (Guardian melee damage is greatly increased.)
  • Match Game (Enemy shields are resistant to all unmatched Elemental Damage.)

Last but not least is the Weekly Crucible Playlist which is: Mayhem Rumble.

Also you have the 3 Random Weekly Strikes, that every Wednesday is Armsday at the Gunsmith, and Trials of Osiris starts every Friday!

What were your thoughts of Trials of Osiris being cancelled last week? What do you think of this weeks activities? Let us know in the forums or comments.