Weekly Destiny Reset Info – 5/31/16

Here is all the information you need to complete this weeks Activities in Destiny. 

First off we have the Prison of Elders Challenge Mode (Recommended Light Level 320), which the bosses are:

  • Seditious Mind (Light Level 310) with Vex Add-ons
  • Keksis the Betrayed (Light Level 320) with Fallen Add-ons
  • Val Aru’un (Light Level 330) with Cabal Add-ons

The activity skull modifiers are:

Activity Skulls

  • Chaff (Player radar is disabled.)
  • Specialist (Special Weapon damage is favored.)

Activity Bonus

  • Super Kill Bonus (Super kills are worth more points.)

Next is the Weekly Nightfall, which is The Sunless Cell strike and has the following active skulls on:

  • Epic (Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.)
  • Berserk (Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage.)
  • Small Arms (Primary Weapon damage is favored.)
  • Chaff (Player radar is disabled.)
  • Airborne (Players deal more damage while in the air.)

Last but not least is the Weekly Crucible Playlist which is: Inferno Rumble.

Don’t forget that you have the 3 Raids which are reset, the 3 Random Weekly Strikes, that every Wednesday is Armsday at the Gunsmith, and Trials of Osiris starts every Friday!