Where to Find The Striker in Fallout 4's Far Harbor

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Knocking down pins with a bowling ball is fun.

Knocking down enemies with a launcher that fires bowling balls is even more fun.



That’s exactly what Fallout 4‘s legendary weapon “The Striker” does. The new weapon is part of the Far Harbor downloadable content (DLC). The weapon does some serious damage (104). It also has a 50% chance to cripple the target’s leg. But the best part about it? It fires modified bowling balls. While not as destructive as a standard Fat Man, the bowling balls can be picked up and reused after shooting them. This means a pretty stable supply of ammo. The Striker won’t fire standard bowling balls, but I’ll show you how to make those, too. It can also be converted back into a regular Fat Man to fire mini-nukes.

So where’s The Striker in Far Harbor? Once you arrive on the mainland, head southwest to Beaver Creek Lanes. You’ll find The Striker in the back of the building above pin machines, next to a weapon bench and terminal. Nearby are some modified bowling balls to start you off. There are plenty of bowling balls at Beaver Creek, but you have to modify them. To learn the modified bowling ball schematic, read the entries in the nearby terminal. You can make more modified bowling balls at a chemistry station using a bowling ball, oil, and acid. It’s under the utility menu.

It’s also at this terminal you learn why The Striker was created. It’s kind of a fun story; a couple friends created the launched to help their disabled friend.

Ironically, it’s now being used to disable people. That’s Fallout 4 for you.