ARMA 3: Apex – Pre-Order Today and Get a Sneak Peak

Jay Crowe from Bohemia was at the PC Gaming Show at E3 to talk about the upcoming game – ARMA 3: Apex. And boy it does not fail to impress. Featuring a 3-player co-op campaign and the “pinnacle of 15 years of Arma development”, Apex is set on the Jungle Island on Tanoa in the South Pacific.

With 13 new weapons and 10 new vehicles including aircraft similar to the RAF Hercules troop and vehicle transports and VTOL Aircraft (Vertical Take-Off and Landing), ARMA 3: Apex could well be one of the best military games of our generation, and perhaps of all time – and with good cause considering the amount of time and effort that has gone into it!

And the great thing is, is that it is released on July 11th, but you can pre-order now for Sneak Preview Access.

“If you own Arma 3 Apex, you can already test all Apex content (new terrain, armed forces, weapons, vehicles, and more), except for the co-op campaign. Just right-click on Arma 3in your Steam Library, go to ‘Properties’, visit the ‘BETAS’ tab, and use the drop-down menu to select and install the Apex Sneak Preview build. This build represents a work-in-progress version and is not yet fully representative of the final Arma 3 Apex release.”

So what are you waiting for ARMA 3 owners? Go and check it out – right now.