Black Desert Online – Valencia Expansion Coming June 29

Tomorrow (June, 29) sees the introduction of the Valencia Part One expansion for Black Desert Online, the MMORPG from Daum Games and Pearl Abyss. The expansion looks pretty hefty, claiming to increase the size of the world by a whopping 30%, and the introduction, randomly enough, of a special penguin pet, which quite frankly speaks to me on a spiritual level as I firmly believe the penguin to be my spirit animal. Bawk bawk,

The key features for Valencia are:

  • +500 new quests
  • New areas to explore
  • Upgraded enchantment system (+20)
  • Guild housing
  • New mounts to ride (Camel and Elephant)
  • Whale hunting

Are you excited for the expansion? Are you looking forward to having a penguin pet (that will also “reduce AFK fishing times and help you loot defeated enemies.”)? What is your spirit animal? Whatever the point of discussion – as long as it’s at least loosely related to the game, let us know in the comments below or in the RGM Forums.