Civilization VI: Unstacking Cities

Unstacking Cities - making Civilization VI sound like something you'd get from IKEA...

Well hello there young sir and or ma’am. Welcome to this post about Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, specifically about “unstacking cities”.

Now you may remember from prior Civ games that you construct cities to basically progress in the game. They are the absolute pillars to your civilization, and where all of your production, research, resource gathering etc take place. They are also where you construct the various world Wonders to help give your Civ a bit of an edge.

Now you probably remember as well, at least from Civ V, that you could only do certain things on certain tiles – you could only construct some wonders adjacent to water or a mountain, and you could only gather resources if you had that tile within your borders. Things now don’t appear overly different according to the above trailer, but something that is new is that cities will have districts, specifically set up for education (a campus), production, growth and specific districts for wonders. And Wonders will require a certain type of tile the example given being that the Pyramids need to be constructed on a flood plain or desert. The other added benefit being that theatre districts benefit from being adjacent to a Wonder, and the Great Library would need to be built adjacent to a campus.

More information is clearly required to form a full opinion, however the concept is absolutely fantastic and it’s further evidence of the games clearly evolving from instalment to instalment as it always does, but it raises possible questions. From the trailer, it appears that the cities are a lot bigger, so is there a limit to how big they can become? And will there be a limit to how many wonders you can create in each city? These are my own personal pedantic-y questions, and question that you might think – “meh”.

What we would like to know however is what you think about Unstacking Cities? Overly complex or a great step forward? Are you looking forward to Civilization VI? Tell us what you think in the comments below or in the RGM Forums.