Days Gone – Trailer & Gameplay

So I took a look back this week at some of the new games that made their E3 debut, and thought about what game I would be most excited to play. And I must say that after doing a good bit of research it was tight, but it was between 2 PlayStation games that for me looked like absolute beasts.

The first of those games was Detroit Become Human, which quite frankly looks like another masterpiece by Quantic Dream along the lines of the phenomenal Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. The second game (if you haven’t already guessed by now due to the title and trailer that is above…) is Days Gone.

Days Gone is being developed by Bend Studios (formerly Eidetic), the developers of the Syphon Filter games on PlayStation and PlayStation 2, and the developers of the PS Vita incarnations of Uncharted (Golden Abyss and Fight for Fortune), and this looks to be one hell of a blockbusting game – if given the right time to finish.

The game looks to me, like a stupendous mix between the zombie-hoard styling of Left 4 Dead, with the gameplay mechanics of Uncharted and the obvious comparisons to The Last of Us. I would say that the game reminds me a bit of World War Z, however since the film is absolutely nothing like the book, in any way whatsoever, I have pointedly refused to watch it, and I wont draw any real comparisons to it. Anyway…

I have for you here a 10 minute gamplay trailer for Days Gone, which I can honestly say made me jump and say “Oh my god…” more times than I care to admit.

This trailer had me on the edge of my seat for the most part, and the relentless pursuit of the zombies/mutants (?) was genuinely terrifying to watch and I can only imagine would have the palms of your hands tingling with adrenaline and a good dose of fear.

I am really looking forward to hearing and seeing more about this game, and with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed star, Sam Witwer in the lead role of Deacon St. John, you know this is going to be a contender for GOTY whenever it is released, which there are no details on as yet.

What do you make of Days Gone? What other games, TV or films does it remind you of? Are you looking forward to this more than other games revealed at E3? Or were you underwhelmed? Let us know in the comments!