Dead Rising 4 – Screenshots Revealed Early

Another supposed ‘leaked’ information story is here. Not long after the news about ‘leaked’ screenshots and release date of when the ReCore games comes out and already we hear another ‘leak’ regarding Capcom Vancouver’s title Dead Rising 4. Reports state that screenshots of the zombie action game were released.

The game developers which have reportedly had an exclusivity deal with Microsoft and Xbox will also likely be ditching the engine they built  in favor of a partnership with Epic Games, meaning that the studio will be working exclusively with the Unreal Engine 4 from here on out.

We will keep you informed but for now here are the screenshots.

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Is this trend going to continue? Is it fair to the developers? But isn’t it also great that fans get the news early? We would love to know your opinions in the comment section below. ‘Leaked’ has become the new black.