Deadlight: Directors Cut Launch Trailer

The survival horror platformer Deadlight: Director’s Cut, is available today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on both Digital and Retail. With the brand-new Survival Arena Mode which offers interactive defences and novel weapons, all players can enjoy an even more intense struggle against the horde. In addition, the PS4 and Xbox One versions now also encompass the Nightmare Mode, revealing an alternative ending upon completion of the game.

Playing as Randall Wayne, who is in search of his family in the ruins of a ‘1986’ Seattle, players will solve puzzles and overcome environmental hazards in this tense 2D platformer. As resources such as weapons and ammunition are scarce, diving into battle isn’t always the best solution. The choice between sneaking past zombies or annihilating them with melee combat and weapons will be crucial to prevail.

Enhancements to Deadlight: Director’s Cut also entail superior controls, improved animations and running at 1080p on all platforms. Additionally available are the original Developer Diaries, which also present an in depth insight to the Deadlight series, as well as the new digital art book.

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