E3 2016 – Additional content for the Fallout franchise

During Bethesda’s E3 press conference, they announced that additional content for last year’s Fallout 4 is not over yet.

3 new expansions were announced:

  • Contraptions workshops: enabling you to have mechanisms in your settlements like elevators, armor and weapon racks, track kits, sorting machines, etc. This content will be released next week.
  • Vault Tec workshops: having the ability to build your own Vault, not unlike the ones seen in the mobile game Fallout Shelter. This content will be available in July.
  • An unnamed expansion is coming to August, which seems to be linked to vacations and theme parks.

The company took some time to talk about its first mobile game, Fallout Shelter. Following the success it had, with millions of downloads, they’ve also announced that an important update will be released next month, including new kinds of combat system, new characters to meet, new weapons and enemies, new locations to explore, etc. Also, an announcement was made that a PC version will get released for the game. All of this should be available in July.

You can take a look at the video below for the actual unveiling of all that from no other than Bethesda Game Studios’ Game Director Todd Howard.


It seems that Bethesda is not willing to let us forget about the Wastelands.  Are you happy with those announcements ? Will you continue to play Fallout 4 ? or spend some more time with Fallout Shelter ? Let us know in the comments.


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