E3 2016 – Deus Ex is receiving the GO treatment

In the last 2 years, Square Enix Montreal has made itself quite a name in the mobile space with their unique visions of Hitman and the Tomb Raider franchises.  They created the GO series, in which the games are now envisioned into a turn-based puzzle game which looks like a board game.  Their easy to understand and hard to master philosophy has attracted a lot of people, getting praise from both users and reviewers.  So it is not surprising that a new installment was in the works.

Today unveiled was Deus Ex GO, based on the rebooted franchise with Adam Jensen, where again, puzzles will need to be solved.  Enemies will need to be countered, power-ups will be available to help you during your journey and hacking will be present.  They’ve also announced that for the first time, a mission editor will be available, allowing for a maximum value in terms of replayability. A trailer was released showing glimpses of the game which will be available for smart phones and tablets this summer:



The GO series is one of the happiest surprises I’ve had regarding mobile gaming in the last couple of years.  I cannot count the amount of hours I’ve spent playing Hitman GO, so I’m ready to sink more hours into this original and fun franchise.  Did you know about this series? Are you happy that a new one is coming? Let us know in the comments.