E3 2016 – World of Final Fantasy trailer and release date

Last year’s E3 saw a plethora of announcements (like every year) and some of the big ones were oriented towards Square Enix, especially regarding high-profile titles like the Final Fantasy VII remake and another teaser for Kingdom Hearts III. Another game that was shown is the very different chibi-style RPG called World Of Final Fantasy, announced for PlayStation 4 and Vita, and since, nothing really concrete has been seen…until now!

A new trailer was released, revealing that the game will be released on October 25th of this year in North America (Europe and Japan coming in the couple of days after that).  A ton of characters from many Final Fantasy games will be seen in this game, re-imagined to fit the art direction.  This game will be really meaty, having more than 100 hours of story according to the information gathered by Siliconera from the development staff.  From the same source, the game is considered pretty much finished, with just the finishing touches and adjustments left to do.



I’m very curious about this game.  I’m sure it will be FILLED with Easter Eggs that Final Fantasy fans will hunt down almost immediately, and I’m thrilled to see the Vita still getting some love from major third-party publishers.  Are you interested at all by this game? Are you curious to see how it will play out? Let us know in the comments.