Fallout 4: Top 8 Mods for Xbox One

Mods have arrived on Xbox One for Fallout 4, and there are over 900 of them.

That’s a lot of choices. But which mods stand out from the rest?



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Here are my top mods for Fallout 4 on Xbox One. Keep in mind that I wanted to only slightly tweak the “Vanilla” game experience to make it more immersive. While available, you’ll find no “God Mode” mods on this list.

  • #8 The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch. This mod fixes a variety of small bugs yet to be addressed by Bethesda, and should provide a more stable Fallout 4 experience. It’s done by the very reputable people behind the Unofficial Skyrim Patch series.
  • #7 Dogmeat’s Backpack. Does Dogmeat need new duds? These stylish backpacks fit man’s best friend and come in a variety of sizes and colors – including a Nuka Cola-themed pack. You can craft them at the Chemistry Station.
  • #6 Immersive Clothing Crafter. This mod lets you craft every variety of clothing in the game at the Chemistry Station – provided you have completed the required quests, have maximum affinity with certain companions, or have the appropriate ranks in armorer and science perks. The mod fits perfectly with the core Fallout 4 experience, since it provides extra motivation to finish quests, since you unlock new clothing recipes. There’s also a version available for the new DLC, Far Harbor.
  • #5 Unified Clothing Overhaul. Developed by the same modder behind the Immersive Clothing Crafter, this mod lets you put Ballistic Weave on all full-body and head clothing items. In addition, the mod lets most clothing items be worn under armor, lets the player dress up companion Nick Valentine, and provides more customization options, among other improvements.
  • #4 Weapon Balance Overhaul. I love the weapons in Fallout 4, but as you level up, many become useless (even with appropriate perks). This mod breathes new life into pipe and energy weapons, giving the guns a more realistic damage buff. It’s not a totally ridiculous amount, either. The mod author did a good job rebalancing the game’s weapons. Break out the old legendary weapons you cast aside early on.
  • #3 WRVR Radio Mod. This mod takes full advantage of WRVR’s existence in Fallout 4. Besides adding a new radio station, you can also recruit the DJ as a companion. Nice.
  • #2 Spring in the Commonwealth. Add some green to your dull wasteland. It’s not a complete overhaul of the terrain in Fallout 4, but it adds enough green to make it seem a little more friendly. It seems like a simple mod, but it has a big impact.
  • #1 Fat Preston Garvey. Or “Preston Gravy” as he is now called. This is currently my favorite mod for Fallout 4 on Xbox One, for no other reason than it shows you exactly what happens to people when they’re too lazy to help settlements themselves. Lay off the mirelurk cakes, Preston.

There will likely be more interesting mods for Fallout 4 added in the coming months, but these are the best of the best at launch that don’t totally cheat the game.

We’ll keep you posted of interesting mods as they are released on Xbox One.

What do you think of my choices? What are your favorite mods? Tell us in the comments!