Gravity Rush 2 : using the PlayStation 4 for a better experience

Creative Director : "We wanted to do everything bigger and better"

Gravity Rush was one of the Vita’s release best game that has had quite a following since its release.  With the upcoming sequel, Gravity Rush 2, now jumping into home consoles, its Creative Director Keiichiro Toyama couldn’t be happier about what he is seeing and the reception the new trailer received at E3 a couple of weeks ago.

During an interview with the Official PlayStation Blog cast, he mentioned that after Sony’s E3 Press Conference, that he “felt a bit like Kat does in the game – happy that people wanted to support […] the team, just like the characters in the game support her!”

He explained also that we will see repercussions of the events of the first game in the character.  After fully exploring a theme of identity, this time around, development and maturity will be the key emotions during this journey.

There were also mentions that for the sequel, they really wanted to use the extra power that the PS4 console can offer, compared to the one of the Vita, to really “do everything bigger and better”, by having a world that 2.5 to 3 times bigger than the world of the first game, and everything will be oriented towards offering more options to the player in terms of using Kat’s abilities and the combat options using gravity manipulations (among other things).

A last funny note was brought by the Creative Director, regarding the tone of the game.  He insisted on the fact that this will be a positive upbeat game, and to not hesitate to go towards the side quests / side stories.  There will be more than 50, with each having “nice comedic moments that bring personality to Gravity Rush 2”.

There are no official release date yet, but in the meantime, we can have a taste of what’s coming through the remastered version of the first one, available here in Canada ($32.99) and here in the US ($29.99) from the PlayStation Store.

I didn’t really have the chance to play the original game on the Vita, but this jump to home consoles looks very promising and fun.  Are you excited for this ? Are you a fan of the game ? Let us know in the comments.