HALO 2 multiplayer makes its way to PC

Talk about fans going rogue, it would seem that fans of the action packed online game still have something to hold on to.

Apparently HALO 2 is not completely shut down. Although Microsoft has shut down all of their HALO 2 community services, a community effort which is called “Project Cartographer” was developed to restore online services to HALO 2 on PC, which is a way to play HALO 2 by using the network browser. It is more concrete than Tuungle or Hamachi too. The community have been successful in restoring basic services and more features will be implemented.

Some benefits include:Halo 2 screenshot 01

  • A fully functioning multiplayer
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Peer Hosted Games
  • FOV changer
  • Mouse Fix (no more mouse lag or slow sensitivity)
  • Custom Resolution support (includes 4k)
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One Controller Support
  • Controller Remapping (Duranzo)
  • A new launcher

There are also reports of a number of features to come very soon, and with this the community have asked for a bit more patience while these are implemented. Right now there is a growing population of around 100 players.

There is also a guide for fans who want to get back in the game which you can find: here.

Please visit www.h2v.online for install instructions or more information.