Hawken : free-to-play mech action coming to PlayStation 4 in July

Team-based online action coming in a matter of days

Hawken is a free-to-play team-based shooter, from a first person perspective, that has been released on PC for about the last 2 years on Steam, and has received a rather positive reception in the gamers community.

During E3, Reloaded Games (the studio behind the game) has announced that the game would come to Sony’s console, still free-to-play, via this trailer.

Today, a new announcement was made : the game will release at the end of next week : July 8th 2016.  A new trailer was also released, showing the world, the gameplay modes and the customization options available.

For more information, you can visit Hawken official web site.

Not being a PC gamer, I have never heard of this game before.  After some research, I’ve learned that the game is quite good, and that its community is great.  It looks like another good addition to the free-to-play games list already available on PlayStation 4. No worries either Xbox fans a Xbox One version will see its release on July 1st. Curious about this game ? Have you played it ? Let us know in the comments.