Here are the games added to Backwards Compatibility during the month of May 2016

May has been a very busy month for additions to the library of backwards compatible games, which means it can be difficult to keep on top of them all.

To make things a bit easier for you we have compiled a list of the games that have been added this month, and have also added a brief re-cap of the process you need to go through to access these on your Xbox One.



If you are unable to view the video please see the details below.

The game added to the library are:

Now onto how to access your backwards compatible games on the Xbox One:

For digital games if you own the title already all you need to do is go to your Games & Apps section and your title will be sitting there ready for you to select and install.

For physical games you simply insert the disk and you will be prompted to initiate the install. Once the install is complete you need to keep the disk in whilst you are playing, just the same as you would with any Xbox One physical game.

If you are still experiencing difficulties and need a more step by step breakdown, please visit this ‘how to’ guide, and to see what games were added during the month of April click here.

Hopefully you now have your backwards compatible games installing on your Xbox One, enjoy!