Hotel Blind receives its first major update with new voice commands option

Fans of one of the most recent releases from studio Serellan LLC, will be pleased to hear that a new update has rolled out for Hotel Blind.

There are a couple of different important messages to be taken away from Hotel Blind and the main one being what it is like to live your life as a blind person and the predicaments that you would find yourself in, one of these being the struggles of waking up in a foreign hotel room with nothing to help you find your bearings.  Hotel Blind was based on the experiences of Professor Ryan Knighton, a blind Canadian, as told in the This American Life episode, “Invisible Made Visible.”

With this in mind, Serellan LLC has added a voice over support option to allow you to become more immersed in the experience by supplementing the visual prompts.  Christian Allen, the CEO and Creative Director says of the update, “Many of the folks who have played Hotel Blind have requested a more immersive, less text-based experience, and I think this update gives that to them.  Hotel Blind is not necessarily about a wonderful gameplay experience, it is about experiencing what it is like for differently abeled people and the challenges they experience.”

Below you can find the list of additions and fixes that has been implemented into the game today:

New Features:

  • Voice Over Support Added
  • Main Menu Music Added
  • Text Color Updated
  • Objectives Complete Notification Added
  • More Randomized Keys Locations


  • Message Text Alignment Fixed for Walls
  • Fix for mouse cursor not hiding on room start
  • Minor Bug Fixes

*Please Note: Hotel Blind does not currently support VR Devices. Please disconnect VR devices before play.

You can access Hotel Blind on Steam HERE.


Disclaimer: Please be advised that the author of this article is also the voice over actor for this game.