Left 4 Dead 3 Teased by Valve?

WAIT! Take 1 minute and 32 seconds to watch the first part of the above video before reading on.

Now that you have done what I asked (if only life were that easy!) I’m going to pretty much leave it there – it is partly speculation, and as we have seen so many times before, not all “leaks” are actual leaks. And I don’t know, call me cynical, but this smacks of being a purpose-filled-leak. “Oh no! I accidentally put a screenshot up showing a folder called “left4dead3″, I sooo didn’t mean to do that!”

Whatever the case, it’s gotten us talking and if Left 4 Dead 3 is on its way (please!!!!) as was speculated before E3, then this can only be good news!

What do you think of this? Nothing but a trolly tease? A genuine leak? A pretend leak? And more importantly – Left 4 Dead 3 – YAY or NAY! Tell us in the comments below or in the RGM Forums.