Scheduled maintenance for The Division failed – server outages today for more maintenance

Last night’s scheduled maintenance in The Division finished up much earlier than anticipated. The originally planned 5 hour block of server down time was reduced due to the patch being unsuccessful. This means that the deployment of the Clear Sky Challenge Mode was not implemented.

More scheduled maintenance has been booked in for today with the list of changes that will be made already released:

  • Fixed a bug where High Value Target daily missions would not reset properly
  • Fixed a bug where the final cutscene would only trigger after completing an incursion
  • Fixed instances where Mobile Cover could be used to glitch through walls
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to skip parts of the Clear Sky incursion
  • Added more kill volumes around Columbus Circle in Clear Sky

Oddly enough though the challenge mode for Clear Sky is not on that list. There is no date yet provided as to when the challenge mode will actually be implemented. While this may be disappointing for those who are anticipating this mode, I think I speak for the majority of us when I say “Please take all the time you need Massive, and don’t repeat the mistakes made in Falcon Lost”.

Today’s scheduled maintenance will last for approximately 3 hours and occurs at:

  • 0900 AM CEST
  • 0300 AM EDT
  • 0000 AM PDT
  • 1700 PM AEDT

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