System Shock Remastered Demo – Next Week!

Oh but they're losing the "Remastered" from the name, now it'll just be "System Shock"...

More than 20 years ago, System Shock was released and its effects are still felt in the gaming industry today. With BioShock and Deus Ex seen as spiritual successors to it and various other games seen as “spiritual successors” to them as well, System Shock was, and still is a big thing in gaming. It’s just a pity it’s quite old now, and not a lot of newer gamers have heard of it let alone played it.

Enter NightDive Studios. They have been working on a remastered version of the game for a while now, with the aim of helping to push development forward through Kickstarter once the Demo was ready.

And now folks, the demo is almost ready. “How almost ready is it toolbox24?” I hear you ask, well you don’t have to wait much longer, only another week. Which is not a long time in video gaming at all. In that time before the demo you could amuse yourself with some Solitaire or Minesweeper – you know, hardcore stuff.

Time will tell if the game itself can live up to the obviously high expectations, but it’s looking good so far and I can’t wait to get a hold of the demo. In the meantime, here are some piccies from their official Facebook page.

System Shock 05 System Shock 01 System Shock 06 System Shock 04 System Shock 03

What do you think about this? Did you play the original 22 years ago? Are you happy for this to be in the works now? Whatever your opinion on System Shock, let us know in the comments below or in the RGM Forums.