Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Get a Free Amiibo Update This Fall

If you were like me and bought all the Animal Crossing Amiibo Figures and/or Amiibo Cards then this update will be pretty awesome! You’ll be able to use all 400 Amiibo Cards and 16 Amiibo Figures to bring your favorite Villager to your town and they may possibly move in as well. It looks like there will also be some Splatoon items added to the game as well in this update. No word yet about non-Animal Crossing Amiibo working with the update yet.

Could this update possibly have anything to do with the Animal Crossing mobile game coming out this fall? Will this update make you go out and pick up some of the Animal Crossing Amiibo Figures or Amiibo Cards? What other older 3DS game would you like to see with Amiibo Support? Let us know in the comments or fourms.