Eyedol Comes to Killer Instinct as Final Season 3 Character

Eyedol has been announced as the final character for Killer Instinct (KI) Season 3. He will be released on July 22nd for owners of the Supreme and Ultra editions of the game. For owners of the Combo edition, availability will be on July 29th.

With the addition of Eyedol, all classic KI characters are now present that were featured in KI 1 and 2. Eyedol will feature a revised look but will also have his classic skin available within the game for fans that want to play with the original look. If a season 4 of KI is announced, it would have to feature original characters or more guest characters. Recently Microsoft sent out a survey for which character you would like to see in KI. One of the characters on this survey was Joanna Dark from the Perfect Dark series developed by Rare. As of now there are no announcements of a new KI season.

Eyeful's classic character skin.
Eyeful’s classic character skin.

KI hosts 7 million players worldwide across Xbox One and PC, as stated at Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference.

Are you excited for the release of Eyedol? What guest characters would you like to see if a season 4 is announced? Comment below or in the RGM forums.