Fan Made Vintage Sci-Fi Covers for No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has finally gone gold and is set to release in August 2016 for PS4 and PC. The game is a first person open world, survival game set in an unexplored galaxy. Developer, Sean Murray of Hello Games was inspired by his love of vintage Sci-Fi books when creating the art style and cover art for their soon to be released space adventure. What’s even more interesting, is a fan on NeoGAF who goes by the name ichtyander, has created alternate covers for the PS4 titles that harken back to a worn, vintage sci-fi novel.

These fan made covert art selections have even been noticed by the Grant Duncan, No Man’s Sky Art Director and he acknowledges them in a tweet:

High praise from Grant Duncan, Art Director for No Man’s Sky.

This is a great example of the gaming community getting involved with the hobby they love and creating wonderful works of art. I would use one of these cover arts made by ichtyander myself for my game box!  More examples of ichtyander work is below:



What are your opinions on these fan created cover arts?  Leave a comment below or on the RGM Forums.