Future Inclusions in Killer Instinct to Include Halo, Perfect Dark, Crackdown Characters

According to this official survey for Killer Instinct, we are about to see a host of new playable characters in 2013’s reboot of Killer Instinct. In fact there will be 9 new characters, which I cannot wait to see…

killer instinct survey

So notice anyone or anything in there? Oh yeah, just Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark! Oh yeah and a Halo Brute as well as a Crackdown Agent! These 3 could well be amazing characters to play as or against in Killer Instinct and I cannot wait to get my hands on them! Joanna Dark is quite simply one of the best video game leads ever, and certainly one of the best female video game leads ever. Although she does remind me of a certain RGM Editor & Chief…

Other notable characters include Eyedol from the original Killer Instinct and (I’m guessing) Magic Archer from Dragon’s Dogma. A Wendigo is some kind of weird part dog, part deer, part werewolf thing that looks like the stuff of nightmares and is meant to roam the land around the Great Lakes and Atlantic coast of the USA and Canada. Eagle is a minor character from Killer Instinct, whereas anything described as “Lovecraftian” would normally be given a wide berth, possible a galaxy wide or so, whereas Djinn, I would assume is the character from Clash of the Titans. Just for good measure though, here’s a picture of what a Wendigo is meant to look like.


What do you think about these latest additions? What do you think about Killer Instinct as a whole? Whatever your opinions and thoughts, let us know in the comments below or in the RGM Forums.