Grow Home Sequel Grow Up Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC August 16

Grow Up, the sequel to 2015’s Grow Home is due to be released by Ubisoft and Ubisoft Revelations studios, on August 16th in North America and Europe, and a day later on August 17th in Japan.

Control your little robot – BUD – as you look for bits of your lost spacecraft in this open-world 3D platformer with massive heaps of charm reminiscent of Diseny’s WALL-E. According to the Official UbiBlog:

“Grow Up will have BUD leaping acrobatically through a new open-world to recover pieces of his lost spacecraft. Along with a new flying companion named POD, BUD will have access to his Floradex 3000, a device that enables him to clone the game’s 24 distinct plant species that will ultimately help him bounce, shoot and catapult all the way to the moon.”

For more information on Grow Up, then go to this other blog post from UbiBlog for the deets!

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