Her Story Finally Makes It Way to Android

With many awards to its name after being released on different platforms just several months, Her Story has ignited curious gaming minds to its rich and mysterious story line and now Android users have the chance to check out the mystery game.

The game, Her Story, was created by the creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memorie and Aisle, is a mystery game told through the perspective of one woman (played by actress Viva Seifert), who is interviewed seven times by the police. The bulk of the game will have you viewing full motion videos of the actress telling her side of the story.

“Sam Barlow says, ‘If you can Google, you can play Her Story. The mechanic of searching for clips in the database is so simple that anyone can pick up and play. But it’s a mechanic that quickly reveals its richness and complexity. At times it can feel like you’re engaged in a genuine dialogue with this woman and her story. It’s a unique way to interact with a narrative, a sculptural way of viewing a story – and something that can only be done interactively.'” – Her Story VIdeogame Website

Are you smart enough to figure out what happened? Will you figure out what is behind Her Story? Download now for android: Click Here. Don’t forget to let us know