June 2016 Steam Hardware Survey Analysis – NVIDIA, AMD, Percy, Windows 10 and More

Damn AMD, you got knocked the…Steam Hardware Survey for June 2016 has rolled around and the vital statistics are in. And it’s all good for NVIDIA and Intel, but not so much for AMD.

Firstly, the % of Steam users who run NVIDIA has gone up marginally however AMD users have gone down by almost half a percentage point. Considering that there are at least 125 million users, half a percentage point equates to over 600,000 users. And that marginal gain for NVIDIA actually equates to around the 125,000 mark. Still, over half of Steam Users are running NVIDIA hardware, whereas just over a quarter are on AMD, with the other 18% or so divided between Intel (really?) and “Other” – which means that there are at least 22.5 million of you out there, so this is for you.


Moving swiftly on, despite this being a “hardware survey” is information on whici OS is proving most popular – and at present, it’s Windows 10 – with over 45% of Steam users on the OS (+3.53% on last month), while Windows 7 users are declining rapidly (-2.18% on last month) – which you can expect to see more of as the Free Windows 10 offer end later this month.

Intel have also been exerting their domination of the market over AMD with over 77% of Steam users on Intel powered machines, a share that has risen constantly over the past few months.

The MacBook Pro dominates the world of Mac gamers (I refer you to the image above gentle-casuals), with iMac and MacBook Air’s taking up second and third respectively and finally…

HTC Vive has sky-rocketed it’s way to the top of the VR leaderboard with 2/3’s (66%) of VR users on Steam using the Vive over the 34% using the Oculus Rift.

A quick summary is included in the survey, which basically paints a picture of your most likely Steam User, who I will name…Percy.

Percy obviously runs a PC on Windows 10 64 bit, with 8GB of RAM. His dual-Intel CPU runs between 2.3 – 2.69 Ghz and includes 1024MB of VRAM. He uses a microphone and runs his games on 1920 x 1080 resolution in English. His HDD is no more than half a TB in total space, with it being at least half full. We don’t know his network speed…but he does use HTC Vive when playing VR.

If this describes you, then please comment – if your name also happens to be Percy, then I’ll be off buying a lottery ticket. If you have anything hardware related to say, then please do in the comments below or in the RGM Forums.