Latest GeForce VR Drivers Available

The latest VR drivers are ready for download according to the GeForce Official Site.

“Our new GeForce Game Ready 368.81 WHQL Virtual Reality drivers are optimized for Everest VR, NVIDIA VR Funhouse, Obduction, Raw Data, and The Assembly, five new Virtual Reality games launching this month for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Also contained within are fixes for the HTC Vive DisplayPort incompatibility, and Oculus Rift GPU Boost issues that have affected some users. To download and install, simply fire up GeForce Experience and click the “Drivers” tab.”

Generally, Game Ready drivers are tested before hand to ensure that the cards push out the best performance possible, this is for both standard and SLI configurations. This is very important since VR is very GPU heavy and will help those users that have been experiencing a sputtering performance or massive frame drops while in play. Keep in mind for the best performance you will need to be performing at around the 90fps. For veteran PC players, you will still have the freedom to Overclock and boost your settings as you wish.

NVIDIA also has a nice promo going where if you download and try out the latest version of GeForce Experience, random participants that will be selected to receive the beastly GeForce GTX 1080 for free. Now that’s a nice little bonus if you are the lucky ones selected – for more information follow this link to the GeForce Website.

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