Microsoft Denies Leaked Xbox Australia Sea of Thieves Launch Window

Xbox Australia posted a message on Twitter today confirming the launch window of Sea of Thieves for February 2017. Shortly after the time of posting, the tweet was removed from the site. After the tweet’s removal, Global Marketing Chief of Xbox, Aaron Greenberg, put out a message saying the following:

SoT1He also went on to say the next steps for Sea of Thieves is a closed beta:

SoT2Gamers have been speculating if there is any truth to the February 2017 launch window. We have no confirmation from Microsoft on any official dates for Sea of Thieves or it’s closed beta.

Sea of Thieves is being developed by Rare and when it does launch will take advantage of the Xbox Play Anywhere program. It is a pirate themed cooperative multiplayer game. There is not much more detail on the game other than positive first hand impressions at E3 where players got to experience ship battles on the sea against each other. RGM will keep you informed of any further details regarding the launch of Sea of Thieves.

What do you think of the Xbox Australia leak and do you think it could possibly be the window for the beta? Leave a comment below or post in the RGM Forums.