New screens for The Walking Dead Season 3 from Telltale Games

Telltale’s The Walking Dead will return later this year for its third season and the company has just provided three new screenshots and also provided a few interesting details during a panel at SDCC about the continuing tribulations of Clementine and her companions.

According to Telltale, Clementine will not be the only playable character this time around as gamers will be in control of newcomer Javier at some point in the story. It also appears as though the young child in one screenshot is A.J. who was a baby at the conclusion of the last season. Those familiar with the series will know A.J. and his importance to Clementine and her group in the past.

Eagle eyed readers will also be aware of Clementine’s missing finger which was readily apparent in the E3 trailer but no details were provided by Telltale in explanation. Clearly we’ll have to play to find out what happened!

Take a look at the screens and get ready to make more heartbreaking decisions about Clem and her friends when Season 3 releases later this year.