No Man’s Sky – FIGHT video

Space and terrestrial combat are included!

No Man’s Sky is promising its players that you will have to explore, fight and trade to survive. After looking at last week’s video on exploration, it is now time to see some combat action:

It seems that the combat will be divided in 2 aspects: terrestrial combat and space combat. By the looks of it, it also seems that the first one will be a typical FPS, with a gun having an ammo counter on it, similar to what Destiny’s interface looks like.  For the second one, a Star Wars vibe can definitely be felt, with dogfights, missiles and lasers, making me think of the Star Wars Rogue Squadron games.  Again, it is impressive to realize that the transition from air to ground and vice-versa happens smoothly, without visible transitions whatsoever.

The more I see about this game, the more I am impressed by what it displays and represents. This virtual universe looks diverse and complete and I can’t wait to sink many hours into it. Are you feeling the hype? Let us know in the comments and forums.