PewDiePie “Scandal” – The Truth

So yeah. A lot of hate has flown Pewdiepie’s way in the last couple of days thanks to misleading articles from other websites, which Mr. Kjellberg expertly, and in his own imitable way, drops a massive truth bomb on. Thankfully, our team of writers tend to look into things a bit more and when agentxk posted about this yesterday, on this very website, he stated:

“PewDiePie didn’t go out and say “OMG guys, this is the best video game I’ve ever played. You really need to buy it!”, and to be fair he did disclose”

Personally, I like Pewdiepie. He makes me laugh and I’m one of his 46 million + subscribers on YouTube. Also I think he’s starting to look like a Swedish Matt Smith (the former Doctor Who), but that might just be me.

Whatever you think of the guy, you can’t help but admire him, especially since you’re reading this on a gaming website. I cannot tell you how insanely jealous I am that he makes more than a living, he makes a damned fortune, playing computer games and posting himself doing so on YouTube. Fair play to the lad.

What are your thoughts Real Gamers? Obviously PewDiePie is a lot of people’s cup of tea, but he isn’t everybody’s! Regardless of what you think of him, what do you make of the whole situation? Let us know in the comments below or in the RGM Forums.