Pokémon Go! About to Surpass Twitter in Terms of Daily User Traffic

Newly released game blows up the internet, competing with social media power house Twitter

On July 6th, we brought the great news to all Pokémon fans that the game Pokémon Go! is now available for mobile Download. Two days ago there was an included remote access tool  for the modified Pokémon Go! download. Now it would seem the game is quickly becoming popular despite the fact that the game has only been made available to android for now.

The new app has already caused Nintendo’s stock to skyrocket following it release. With an increase of 9.3 percent with the game’s launch last week, the company’s share price rose 24.52 percent on Monday to $193 — its highest one-day surge since 1983, adding $7.5 billion to the firm’s market value. Now Pokémon Go! threatens to surpass well-established broadcast media giants Twitter Inc.

Speculations are rising among gamers and critics. Will this popularity continue to last? Pokémon Go! has no doubt been a smash hit but how long will players stay interested? Will people still enjoy walking around the streets just to play a game?

There is absolutely no question that there is a fever-pitch excitement over the game with the word ‘pokemon’ among the most searched words on the google machine. We can only sit back and watch to see how it unfolds.