Pokemon GO Update

You may have heard of that little game from Niantic based on 90’s cult cartoon, Pokemon, by the name – Pokemon GO? If not, then I can only assume you’ve been living under a rock this past month or so whilst the rest of the world has seemingly gone Poke-Crazy over catching those little animated monsters.

Anyway, onto business. Niantic have updated the game and here is a run down of the features of the update.

Footstep Indicators:

Probably the biggest part of this update is undoubtedly the removal of a feature. The Footsteps Indicator has been fixed by being removed altogether, it was glitchy and faulty so in all probably a good move. In essence, this means that you will only know that there is a Pokemon nearby, not how far away it is.


Not happy with the way your Catcher looks? Well now you can re-customize them in the Trainer profile screen. Also, you can now “favorite” Pokemon, which means that you wont be able to accidentally transfer them, which did catch a few people out!


Battling has changed, so the “battle move damage values” for some Pokemon have changed. This has promised to make battles more exciting and should mean that battles might not yield the results you expect.


The scan radius has dropped by 30 meters from 100 to 70, so now you’ll need to be a fair whack closer to Pokemon before they appear on screen. Despite this, the distance that you need to be to catch Pokemon has been increased massively to 300 meters.


The general appearance of the game has changed as well, with the fonts used in the app being made bolder, and some medals being redesigned. New safety messages now appear when starting the app, possibly related to those plucky Canadian teens wandering over the US border a couple of weeks ago. The messages now read:

  • “Do not trespass while playing Pokemon Go.”
  • “Don’t drive while playing Pokemon Go.”
  • “Do not enter dangerous areas while playing Pokemon Go.”
  • “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.”

Some of these messages you’d think wouldn’t be required, but with safety notices on things like nuts like “May contain nuts”, it would seem the human race needs these little reminders to survive.

All in all the updates seem to be for the best, and to enable the best user experience for gamers around the world. But what do you think? Have you been playing with the new update? Let us know in the comments below or the RGM Forums.