Project Sonic 2017 – Debut Trailer

The Sonic 25th Anniversary Party was hosted on July 22nd at San Diego Comic Con and ended the party with Takashi Iizuka, the Head of Sonic Team, revealing the debut trailer for the next big Sonic game. The game currently has a working title of Project Sonic 2017. The trailer features an apocalyptic, dark setting and both modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. Despite having both versions of Sonic in the game, Iizuka has expressed that this is not a direct sequel to Sonic Generations.

Also announced at the event was Sonic Mania, a new 2D Sonic game featuring new and re-imagined zones from previous games. Both games will be released for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo NX and PC. Sonic Mania is scheduled for a Spring 2017 release and Project Sonic 2017 is scheduled for a holiday release.

2017 looks to be the year of Sonic, can the beloved mascot make a comeback in the video game industry? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or visiting the RGM forums.