Red Dead Redemption Popularity Soars on Xbox One

On Friday July 8th, the highly demanded Red Dead Redemption (RDR) became available for play on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Developed by Rockstar, RDR has been at the top of the most wished for backwards compatible games since the program was first announced at E3 2015. The critically acclaimed game features Rockstar’s signature open world design but with a wild west twist. Instead of driving cars in a replica of New York City, the player finds themselves riding on horseback over an expansive re-imaging of Texas and Mexico.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect, the game was heavily discounted as part of the Xbox Ultimate Summer Sale and could be bought for a mere $7.50 digitally. The demand for the six-year-old game has been so high, that many users are experiencing error messages when attempting to purchase it on the Xbox store. This was not due to an issue with the store itself but due to the high amount of traffic the game was receiving from players, as stated by Xbox Support. Essentially, it’s the most popular digital download on the Xbox store right now.

The Ultimate Summer Sale ends today July 11th, if you haven’t picked it up already this is your chance to do so before the price goes back up, if you can manage to avoid an error message during your purchase.

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