The Witcher 3 – First Person Mod

Modding is a wonderful thing. It enables you to have fun in games in new ways. I sometimes play Left 4 Dead 2 with Mass Effect survivors and the hordes are husks. I’ve smashed the absolute…erm…stuffing, out of everything and anything as the Hulk in GTA V and even played as a chest of drawers in the same game because…mods.

But then you gets mods that take a game and give it a new perspective, this one mod which is still a work in progress is from YouTuber – SkacikPL, where they are manipulating the game to allow you to play in First Person.

It’s a decent mod and technically very good, however should it take a mod to do what The Elder Scrolls have been doing for absolutely ages? And that it doesn’t work during combat makes it a nice little mod for when you are moving around the place, but add’s no real value to the game, aesthetically or otherwise. That being said though, it’s a solid effort from SkacikPL, and that it’s a WIP shows that there is plenty of room for improvement and definitely plenty of scope for it.

You gotta admit though, Skyrim does have a bit of a market share of mods…

What do you make of it? Should first person perspective have been included with The Witcher 3? Is there room for improvement? What about the crab with the top hat and the monocle? Let us know in the comments below or in the RGM Forums!