Alola Forms and More News on Pokemon Sun and Moon

This morning we were given a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon that shows off a bunch of new things, from new mechanics in the game to new forms of old Pokemon.

First off, the trailer shows off the Alola Form of five Generation 1 Pokemon. These Pokemon have new movesets, typings, and sprites. We are shown Exeggutor which is now Grass/Dragon with the ability Frisk. Next we were shown Vulpix/Ninetails which are Ice and Ice/Fairy with the ability Snow Cloak. Last of the Alola Forms shown are Sandshrew/Sandslash which are Ice/Steel and have the ability of Snow Cloak as well.

Next, some new Pokemon from Sun and Moon were revealed. Oricorio is a new bird Pokemon that has four different forms depending on what island you catch it on. These forms are Fire/Flying, Electric/Flying, Psychic/Flying, and Ghost/Flying and the ability of this Pokemon is called Dancer, which copies dance moves. Minior is Rock/Flying and has the Ability Shields Down. Shields Down protects Minior from status conditions and has a high defense when it has HP over half, but below half HP it’s shell will break and give it higher attack capabilities. Next we got the evolution of Yungoos, which is called Gumshoos a Normal-type. Fomantis and it’s evolution Lurantis with the Ability Leaf Guard and knows the new move Solar Blade. Last of the new Pokemon shown is Mudbray, the pre-evolution of Mudsdale, which is a Ground type.

They showed off PokeRide which you can travel on Pokemon to different places. It looks like they may have gotten rid of the HMs, because in the video they show you flying on a Charizard and surfing on a Sharpedo.

Last thing shown is something called Z-Moves. A Z-Move is triggered by a Z-Crystal a Pokemon holds and a Z-Ring, on your trainers arm. These moves can only be used once a battle, are super powerful, and the battle animation takes up the whole screen.

Do you like the idea of new forms of older Pokemon? What Alola Form would you love to see in Sun and Moon? What do you think about Z-Moves and do you think it’ll shake up the competitive form of Pokemon VGC (Video Game Championships)? Let us know in the comments or forums.