Digital Foundry reveals Xbox One S performance boost

The Xbox One S has officially released and for anyone picking up the new Launch Edition of Microsoft’s beautifully new designed 2TB console, may also be in for a bit of a surprise. What they may not have known is that their new Xbox One S console may also see some added value in the boosted performance of certain games.

The folks at Digital Foundry did an in-depth analysis and benchmarking test of the new Xbox One S and found that certain games have seen a maximum increase in performance of 9 FPS. To some this number may seem small but considering Microsoft themselves reported that the Xbox One S’s revised hardware would not result in performance enhancements this is a very positive finding indeed.

“The bottom line is this: Xbox One S has a GPU clock-speed of 914MHz, up from 853MHz in the older unit. That’s a 7.1 per cent increase and ESRAM bandwidth increases in line, taking that up to 218GB/s effective. Some games see no difference – others run noticeably faster”, says Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter.

You can read about Digital Foundry’s findings here and for more details all of the benchmarking results.

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