Early leaks of WWE 2K17 roster show improved graphics and lighting effects

As it has been for the last few years, IGN seems to be getting an exclusive look at the WWE 2K17 roster before anyone else. However, The Smackdown Hotel apparently got their hands on IGN’s images before they’ve been posted to the site itself. No idea how that happened, but either way, take a look at the impressive graphics for the new game.

As I am a huge wrestling fan, I’ll help guide you along as we take a look at the new screenshots.


Outside of the fact that Chris Jericho currently has a weird goatee that he grew last week, I’d have believed it if I was told that this was a picture from Monday Night RAW. This looks way better than the bloated look he had last year.





Next up, we have the longest reigning Diva’s Champ, Nikki Bella. This looks way more like Nikki than any game has ever been able to capture in the past. Nikki was a squared jaw and in prior games she looked quite… mannish. Not anymore.




Nikki’s twin-sister, Brie Bella, is the next screenshot that was leaked. They may not look like twins anymore in real life, or in the game, but I’d say that’s good for WWE 2K17. As you see from the comparison shot, they did the now-retired Brie a huge favor this year.


Daniel Bryan, your wife, woof.

Left UsoRight Usa

Now we have left and right Uso (Jimmy and Jay). Jay recently returned from injury and came back a bit more toned up than his twin brother. Would you look at that? This reflects on their WWE 2K17 characters. It’s a small nuance, but man that’s pretty cool.


Needless to say, there’s a MAJOR improvement here!


Finally, in the last leaked screenshot, we have the Beast Incarnate himself, Brock Lesnar. Year, Brock looks amazingly true to life, but the bigger thing I want to point out here is the amazing lighting in the screenshot. This is at the Wrestlemania 31 stage, the lighting is perfect and the arena itself looks way more realistic than ever before. That’s hype worthy just by itself.

maxresdefault (1)

Compare this with last year and you’ll see that graphically, WWE 2K17 will be the best looking game in the series. They even got rid of the constipated look on Lesnar’s face.

Are you looking forward to WWE 2K17? Who are you hoping to see next? I personally can’t wait to see Shinsuke Nakamura, who we know will be included from the WE ARE NXT special edition.