Kona Impressons

Kona takes place in Northern Quebec, Canada, in the 1970’s.  The game starts you off in front of a watch tower just outside of the town of Lake Atamipek.  You play the role of a Private Eye named Carl. You have been brought to this area from the City of Montreal to meet with a Mr. Hamilton. You have never traveled this far before for a client. Mr. Hamilton doesn’t exactly have the biggest fan club so you start to wonder why exactly did he choose you for your services? But it seems like it’s one of those offers that you can’t refuse.

kona05Once you have your flashlight , map, and Polaroid camera it’s off to meet with Mr. Hamilton at the town’s General store.  At this point of the game I look around at the environment . Its wonderful views seemed to just capture me. I ran up to the top of the watch tower to see an endless sea of pine trees dancing in the wind.  I started to think to myself is this what it really looks like in Quebec?  It was just beautiful. But enough with the gorgeous scenery, we have to find Mr. Hamilton.


Kona-Drive1Once you make your way towards the general store you are hit with a blizzard that seems to have come from nowhere. The screen literally goes white. It becomes so hard to see that you start driving at a slow pace just to see a small portion of the road to stay on point. You can’t even see 5 ft in front of you the blizzard is so bad.  Once you get to the general store you notice that some things just aren’t adding up. The store seems abandoned. You manage to make your way into he store and notice signs of a struggle. What happened here? Where is Mr. Hamilton? Who would want to harm Mr. Hamilton? Why is the store and what seems to be most of the area deserted?  Does Carl have what it takes to solve this mystery?


Kona’s game play is story driven with mix of survival/exploration. At any time can you exit your trusty Chevy and make your way out into the frozen tundra. You have to be careful though because you can freeze to death or be mauled by  a pack of wild wolves. Looking for clues is key to expanding this haunting and gripping story. There are also various puzzles in your way that impede your story and adventure  progress.  The puzzles are very well put together. Some are the quick and easy type, while others make you think outside of the box. I don’t want to go into too much detail for fear of spoiling anything. From my experience so far, the exploration area is quite large so also expect some back tracking or possibly getting lost.

3If story based game play with a mix of survival exploration is up your alley, Kona is the game you are looking for. I definitely look forward to the full release of Kona. The game is still in its early stages but so far the narration, presentation, and story make it a must try.  I have so many questions that need answering . But most of all I need to have this sit down with Mr. Hamilton, we need to talk about how many zeros that check needs to have .

Check out Kona available on steam early access for 9.99 USD