Report: Nintendo NX’s “detachable controllers” to feature motion sensing and forced-feedback

There has been much rumor and tremendous amounts of speculation about the Nintendo NX since E3 and there seems to be no sign of that stopping. Until of course there is some form of concrete confirmation from the house of “N”.

One of the bigger rumors we have heard is that the NX would have detachable controllers that clip on the side of the device. In a report from LetsPlayVideoGames which comes to us via Eurogamer those detachable controllers will reportedly feature advanced vibration and motion-sensing capabilities similar to the the Wii Remote Plus controllers.

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It’s also being said that the controllers will feature some form of forced-feedback and that depending on the type of game the user is playing will determine the type of force the controller feels. For example if you are hit by something like a sword you will feel the force of the impact differently than if you were hit by something like a ball.

Keep in mind that for now this is still all rumor and speculation but there are many industry “insiders” who have corroborated many of the rumors we’ve heard. That being said take everything with a grain of salt until Nintendo decides to give official NX announcements on their future home/handheld hybrid console.